About us

Мария БорисоваMy name is Mariya Borisova

I am the founder of the “Goddess of Beauty” art school, the “Goddess of Beauty” salon in Mariupol, Ukraine. Also, the founder of the magazine “Goddess of Beauty”, the owner of the registered trademark “BM Borisova Mariya”, the author of the patented form of artificial nails “SPIKE”, as well as the forms “Cinderella’s shoe”, “SOLIDOR”, “STAGE”.

Below I want to talk a little about us.

School of the Arts “Goddess of Beauty” was founded in 2008. Here you can undergo training in the following areas:

Nail modeling using gel, acrylic and acrylic technology:
– Basic course level 1
– Basic course level 2
– Nail correction course
– Russian manicure: hardware manicure, combined manicure, gel nail polish
– Course “Fantasy Forms” Delicate Openwork ”
– Fantasy forms “Animal Planet”
– 5 Copyright forms Maria Borisova
– Course “Perfection of forms”
– Course “Modeling nails without grinding and trimming forms”

Various nail design techniques:
– One-stroke design
– Modeling gel plasticine “Flower Waltz”
_ Modeling gel plasticine “Animal Planet”
– Monograms
– Course “Watercolor Painting Technique”

After studying at the school of art “Goddess of Beauty” you will not have the desire to look for another educational institution for retraining. It is regrettable to talk about this, but more and more often masters who have previously been trained by other teachers come to us for retraining.

In our store you can buy everything you need for nail extension and nail care of the BM Borisova Mariya brand. All products are of the highest European quality and comply with sanitary standards in force in Ukraine. This is confirmed by the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion.

The information and art magazine “Goddess of Beauty” has been registered and published since 2013. The frequency of publication is once every 3 months. The magazine includes the following sections:

  1. Nail art;
  2. Hairdressing;
  3. Makeup;
  4. Sports guarantee of health and beauty;
  5. The most fashionable and unusual bride
  6. Other interesting information about beauty and fashion.

The art school “Goddess of Beauty” gives the opportunity to all gifted people to print the results of their work on the page of our magazine. Any master can place his worthy and beautiful works in the magazine absolutely free.

Our art school, salon and shop are located at:
Ukraine, Mariupol
Tel. +38(067)3758254

We will always be glad to see you in our institution.