Is it true that the nails under the gel breathe, but under the acrylic do not breathe?

There are many different myths that the gel nourishes or restores nails, that the nails “breathe” under the gel. But this, unfortunately, is not so at all. I propose to turn to the scientific literature to understand the structure of the nail.

NosNails are horny plates on the back of the ends of the fingers. Nails are derivatives of the epidermis. The root of the nail lies on the back of the nail bed and is called the matrix. The matrix is the place where the formation and nutrition of the nail plate through the blood vessels occurs. It consists of epithelial cells. In the spike-like layer of these cells there are onychoblasts – cells that turn into horny plates of the nail.

The nail bed is a layer of connective tissue covered with a germ layer of the epidermis on which the nail plate is located. In the nail bed are blood vessels that give the nail plate a pink color.

The main element of the nail plate is keratin – a protein that is also part of the hair and skin. The density of keratin in the nails and hair is due to the fact that a significant number of sulfur atoms are present in this protein. The bonds formed between the molecules strengthen the protein, making it solid.

The nail plate consists of thin layers. Keratin formed in the nail matrix moves forward along the nail bed, forming a nail plate. There are no vessels and nerve endings in the nail plate. Between the layers of keratin are thin layers of fat and water. These layers give the nail plate strength, ductility and elasticity.

Thus, we see that the nail plate is keratinized skin, consisting mainly of thin layers of keratin and which cannot breathe by definition. Therefore, when applying UV gel, acrylic or varnish, the nail cannot “suffocate”.

The myth that the nails breathe under the gel and the nails do not breathe is another deception of dishonest marketers.

Автор Борисова Мария

Author Borisova Mariya
Founder of school of arts "Goddess of Beauty", founder of magazine "Goddess of Beauty", owner of trademark "BM Borisova Mariya", author of artificial nails SPIKE, Cinderella slipper, SOLIDOR, STAGE.