How long can I walk with extended nails without correction?

To begin, let’s figure out what a correction is and why it is done?

Correction is the renewal of an artificial nail or coating on the surface of an overgrown nail plate in the cuticle area.

Correction is performed for several reasons:

1. The natural nail gradually grows at a rate of about 1 mm per week, forming near the cuticle a section of the nail plate without artificial coating. In order for the nails to still have a well-groomed appearance, this area must be filled (covered) with artificial coating.

2. As the nail plate grows, the thickening of the artificial nail made in the stress zone also moves toward the free edge. As a result, the nail becomes traumatic. Therefore, in order to restore the strength of the extended nails, it is necessary to return the thickening to its original position during the correction process.

3. In the absence of correction for more than three weeks near the cuticle, a process of separation of the artificial coating from the nail plate, called “detachments”, is observed. This can lead to the formation of fungus in the resulting cavities. For correction, it is necessary to cut out the resulting “detachment” voids and cover them with artificial coating.

4. Under the influence of external factors, such as moisture, sunlight, mechanical damage, the elegant and beautiful appearance and shape of the nails worsens. The color of the artificial turf loses its original brightness and luster. To restore color and gloss, it is necessary to cut off the top layer of artificial coating and apply a new layer of gel or acrylic on its surface. If there is a design, it must be updated or at the request of the client to change.

Based on my experience, I recommend that my clients perform the correction at least three weeks later. Timely correction of artificial nails or artificial cover allows you to get updated nails. In addition, you save money, since the cost of correction is much lower than the cost of building or covering from scratch. At the same time, your nails will look beautiful, stylish and well-groomed. In addition, their original strength is restored.

Автор Борисова Мария

Author Borisova Mariya
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