For reader

Dear readers

I want to share the purpose of the release of the magazine “Goddess of Beauty”. Each of you had to use all the media, cover issues related to art in areas such as makeup, manicures, hairdressing, styling, tattooing, etc. Unfortunately, most of these magazines went into the field of business and cold calculation. On the first pages you can see that these were outstanding and uninteresting works of masters. At the same time, the works of masters worthy of attention, taking into account their beauty, novelty, extravagance and creativity, at best, may require free placement in the backyard in a small format and without any comments.

On social networks, photographs of unprofessional and ordinary works are also very often surprising and indignant, under which there are more than a dozen comments with enthusiastic oohs and ahs, hundreds of likes, hearts and other signs of high popularity and recognition. And here we see the result of the professional work of companies that provide promotion, promotion and PR for a good monetary reward. Thus, values ​​in the world of beauty become distorted, false, substituted, and materially dependent.

In the magazine “Goddess of Beauty” I want to give the opportunity to the masters of the art of beauty to place extravagant, exquisite and revolutionary works absolutely free of charge for readers, which will be judged not by the amount of payment for accommodation, but by their true value. Thus, each gifted person can receive fame and recognition, not depending on his well-being and solvency.

I really hope for your support in my endeavors.