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Acrylic powder 13 grams


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Only for professional use.
Acrylic powder “BM Borisova Mariya” are materials of premium quality.
Acrylic powder is designed to modeling artificial nails. Materials have high concentration of pigments. Acrylic powder has an ultra fine grind. Using acrylic powder together with a monomer “BM” prevents flows of acryl when modeling artificial nails.  The material does not stick to the brush.
Using acrylic  powder “BM Borisova Mariya” you can make perfect nails, that will look spectacular and sophisticated.
Acrylic powder “BM Borisova Mariya” comply with sanitary standards in force in Ukraine. This is confirmed by the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion.
Volume: 13 grams.
Manufacturer: Ukraine.

The technology of using acrylic powder:

  • Conduct standard nail preparation: remove the previous coating, move the cuticle, and grind the nail surface.
  • Clean the nail plate with a disinfectant and degreaser.
  • Apply an acid primer to the nail.
  • Apply an acid-free primer to the nail.
  • Mix the powder with acrylic monomer “BM” and put on the nail using the brush.
  • Dry it in air to complete the polymerization.
  • The polymerization time is about 2 minutes.
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