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Sterilizer МИКРОСТОП ГП-20 PRO



5 shelves. The most capacious dry heat!

Holds up to 20 sets of tools, or from 10 to 15 craft packages.

Tools are located on 5 horizontal shelves.

For large salons, studios and training centers. Suitable for masters of manicure and pedicure, eyebrows, cosmetologists, podologists, as well as masters of tattoo and tattooing.

Dimensions: 55 (W) x 40 (H) x 40 (D) cm;

5 shelves! The most capacious on the market!

It is controlled by one button. It works in three automatic modes approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine + drying mode of tools:

  • 200 ° C – 30 min;
  • 180 ° C – 60 min;
  • 160 ° C – 150 min;
  • 80 ° C – 30 minutes (drying).

The settings are reset by disconnecting and then turning on the on / off key located on the rear panel next to the plug.

In the Microstop dry heat chamber, metal and glass instruments that can withstand temperatures of 200 degrees can be sterilized. The principle of operation of the device is sterilization with hot dry air.

General characteristics:

  • High productivity and longer life due to the simultaneous sterilization of a large number of instruments
  • Electronic function control
  • Light panel with temperature and time indicators on the front panel
  • Sterilization Stage Indicators NEW!
  • Attractive design
  • Not tupit tools
  • Destroys all microbes and viruses
  • Certified in Ukraine

Technical characteristics of a dry heat cabinet Mikrostop GP-20 PRO
External dimensions 55 (W) x 40 (H) x 40 (D) cm; ⠀
Internal dimensions of the sterilization chamber 30 (W) x 24 (h) x 24 (D) cm;
Weight 22 kg
Material Stainless Steel
The number of sterilized manicure tools In the craft package – 10-15 sets. No craft packages – 20 sets
Power consumption 700 watts / hour
Temperature deviation ± 3 ° C
Exit to the set temperature 10-15 minutes
Emergency shutdown: Yes
18 months warranty
Post warranty service
Supply voltage 220V
Country producer Ukraine

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