Acquaintance with a brand name BM Borisova Mariya

     торговая марка богиня красотыBM Borisova Mariya trademark was presented by La déesse de la Beauté art school in Ukraine in 2020. And in such a short time it has already established itself as a good representative of the Ukrainian market for products for building and designing nails. The products of our brand are well known among Ukrainian nail masters who were able to appreciate all its advantages. All materials are of the highest quality and comply with sanitary standards in force in Ukraine. This is confirmed by the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion.

   The Ukrainian market offers a fairly large assortment of gels, acrylics and other materials from different manufacturers and at various prices. And every master wants to buy a quality product at an affordable price. Therefore, we set ourselves the task of fulfilling this wish.

  1. Quality of materials.

   To implement the first part of the task, we do comparative testing of product samples from various manufacturers. And those materials that have shown the best results, we offer the consumer. The advantage of our brand over competitors is that we are not tied to one, even the best and most famous manufacturer. And, as you know, each of them has successful samples that are very popular, but there are also not very successful ones. Therefore, sellers of who are associated with one manufacturer are forced to offer its entire range without selection. In contrast to them, we can choose and offer you only the best materials from different manufacturers.

  1. Good price.

Ensuring affordable prices for products while maintaining their quality, we have achieved in two ways.

a) the first way – own production. Thus, we excluded intermediary margins, which make up about 30 percent of the value of the goods.
b) It is also known that the cost on advertising in the media is about 40% of the cost of their products. Therefore, the second way is to refuse to advertise in expensive media. Your positive feedback about our materials is the best advertisement.

Thus, we make every effort to fulfill the wishes of the consumer and give the opportunity to purchase high-quality BM Borisova Mariya materials at an affordable price.

BM Borisova Mariya products are a good choice, great price and excellent quality. If you are already familiar with our products, then we thank you for this choice, if not, we will be glad to meet you!